How do payouts work?

Payments are made to all partners on the 15th of each month, which covers the commissionable earnings from the prior month. These payouts are made via Paypal.

Note: If the 15th falls on a US holiday payouts will be delayed until the next business day.

It is very important to note there is a delay from when someone signs up and when you will get your commission.

A. All customers you refer will enter a 30-day trial period.

B. Once they do upgrade to a paid plan we do have a 30-day provisioning window to ensure there are no cancellations or chargebacks. In rewardful you will see your referral but it will be labeled as “pending”.

For example, if you referred a single user on June 1st on the Scale plan ($99) and they completed their 30-day free trial and upgraded on July 1st your commission of $49.50 would become Due on August 1st and paid out to you via Paypal on August 15th which would be the next payout period.

This delay is only on the front end of your commission payouts. Afterwards you will be paid for the following 12-month period monthly or as long as that referral remains a beehiiv customer.

For all payout inquires email us @ [email protected]

What do I do if my paypal payout fails?

If your paypal payout fails when we make payouts you will need to simply update your paypal address and or fix any pending issues with your paypal account.

This most often occurs when in rewardful your paypal email isn’t correct or simply hasn’t been updated.

To update your paypal email address go to settings here within your rewardful account.

Can I run paid traffic to my partner link?

You cannot run search engine ads on Bing and or Google (especially on branded terms or domain names.) If you're running search ads directly to your affiliate link this will result in your account being permanently banned.

Keep in mind Meta, LinkedIn, or other social ads are ok to run ads.

If this isn't clear or you have questions please email [email protected]

I referred someone and don't see a payment in rewardful?

This could be for a few reasons.

1. Rewardful stats haven’t updated. (Doesn’t happen in real-time) so wait and refresh.

2. They haven’t converted yet. Keep in mind that all plans do have by default a 30-day trial. A referral commission wouldn’t be applied to your account until after their trial was over and they have paid.

What is a user upgrades or downgrades?

Your commission will simply be tracked and fluctuate up or down if a user you refered upgrades or downgrades their plan.

For example, if a referred user who is on the Grow plan ($49) upgrades to the Scale plan ($99), the referring Partner’s commission would rise to $49.50 from $24.50.

Can I sign up using my own affiliate link?

Signing up with your own link is NOT allowed. If you do happen to sign up using your own link the commission will be removed.

How does your Tax Compliance work?

All partners are required to complete our intake form to ensure your account is tax compliant. You can start sharing your link immediately but eligible payouts seen within your rewardful account may be withheld until all all your proper tax paperwork has been submitted.

Please ensure this onboarding form is completed so we have all your partner data saved within our system.

If you’re based and or operate/file taxes in USA we will require you complete a W-9 Form.

If you’re based and or operate/file taxes outside of the USA we will require you complete a W-8 Ben Form.

I can’t login to my rewardful account or have PW reset issues

We have had some login and PW reset issues. This is something that is being addressed but if you find yourself having either login or PW reset issues within your rewardful account please email support here: [email protected]

What is the difference between Visitors, Leads, & Conversions?

Visitors would be the unique traffic you send to one of our pages

Leads would be the amount of that traffic that actually signs up for an account

Conversions are the amount of those leads that end up paying for any beehiiv plan.

All of this data is directly available in real-time within your Rewardful dashboard.

Email [email protected] or book a time with us directly here. It is better to ask for permission compared to a banned account.